Friday, January 28, 2011

What bring's you here

Some may think why the title much different in the picture,
Some may think what about this picture? o what about the title?
Whatever it is this is just a short story by now.

I'm proud to say i am a newly baptist in the church of
 "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints"
people call us Mormon, anyway why did i tell all this,
when we Mormon got baptist we promise this simple word,
yea! its simple but i could say it is the hardest.
keeping the promise was so easy but doing  it, acting it, is the hardest thing to do,
walking in the pathway of life, i encounter much people that have deferent personalities
and i am so happy meeting people that have deferent attitudes.
Some people know this word but not doing it,
some don't know but acting like they know,
some just simple ignore.

T - Taglayin and pangalan ni jesu cristo.
A- Alalahanin siya lagi.
K- Kautusan ay laging sundid.
E- Endure to the end (Magtiis hangang sa wakas)

Siguro lahat tayo kayang gawin and unang tatlo subrang dali lang,
pero mahirap sa lahat ay yung letter E w/ means (Endure to the end).

Let not the trials be the reason of our weak faith.